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ITMACH India, the International Textile Machinery & Accessories Exhibition is the destination to witness the latest technology in textile machinery. With a participation of more than 10 countries in 3 highly successful shows over 6 years, ITMACH has been a major stimulant to the growth of India’s Textile industry. India today is the 2nd largest manufacturer and exporter in the world for cotton & cotton yarn. India’s Textile industry has received FDI inflows of $3.45 billion from Mar-2000 to Mar-2020.

ITMACH India is held in Gandhinagar, the capital of Gujarat. Gujarat is a major textile hub of India. Gujarat accounts for 30% of India’s exports in cotton fabrics and made-ups, 37% of India’s cotton produce and 60% of India’s cotton export in terms of value. Gujarat also produces ~50% of India’s man-made fibre. It is the largest producer of synthetic fabric in India and accounts for 30% of India’s woven fabric. 90% of weaving machinery manufacturers are established in Guajrat and it produces 25% of India’s technical textile output. (Source: iNDEXTb, Govt. of Gujarat)

ITMACH India will bring together a large number of international exhibitors and visitors in one place. Meet the leading manufacturers, technology experts and thought leaders of the industry. Discover new markets, buyers and sellers. Avail opportunities to forge alliances and gain industry intelligence.

Successful Legacy

6 Years

3 Shows

250+ Exhibitors

5K+ Sq. Mtrs of Venue

30,000+ Visitors

10+ Participating Countries


  • Machinery for Web Formation, Bonding, Finishing of Nonwovens, Felting and Accessories
  • Machinery for Yarn Spinning, Man Made Fiber Spinning, winding, Texturing, Twisting and Accessories
  • Machinery for Preparatory Weaving, Weaving, Turfing and Accessories
  • Machinery for Knitting, Hosiery and Accessories
  • Machinery for Embroidery, Braiding and Accessories
  • Machinery for Washing, Bleaching, Dyeing, Finishing, Cutting, Folding and Accessories
  • Machinery for Printing, Digital Printing, Consumables and Accessories
  • Machinery for Garmenting, Garment Processing & Finishing and Accessories
  • Laboratory Testing, Measuring and Quality Control Equipment and Accessories
  • Transport, Material Handling, Logistics, Warehousing, Packaging Equipment and Accessories
  • Equipment for Recycling, Waste Reduction and Pollution Prevention and Accessories
  • Software for Design, Data Monitoring, Management, Processing and Integrated Production
  • Dyes, Pigments, Inks, Colorants and Chemical Auxiliaries for Textiles
  • Service for the Textile Industry and Associated Equipment for Textile Plant Operations
  • Research and Educational Institutions
  • Technical Information Services

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