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The evaluation of man has been the subject of intensive investigation for centuries since Darwin has provided the foundation with his theories.

Using tools has been interpreted as a sign of intelligence, and it has been theorized that tool use may have stimulated certain aspects of human evolution-most notably the continued expansion of the human brain.

The use of stones is believed to be the first ever used tool as the simple tool for hammering, which became a steppingstone towards evolution of more and more tools of its kind. This tool-making tradition lasted virtually unchanged for a million years. Tools were made by breaking an angular rock with a “hammer stone” to give simple, sharp-edged stone flakes for chopping and slicing.

Making sparks while hammering stone is common. This tool lead to fire making. Humans were no longer dependent on nature sources of fire and that ignited the desire to evolve. This tool also led to invent wheel, the most crucial invention of mankind responsible for today’s modern technological development.

The way humans make and use tools is perhaps what sets our species apart more than anything else. Now scientists are more and more uncovering the forces that drove our lineage to our heights of tool use — and how tool use, in turn, might have influenced our evolution.